The Walking Dead Back on TV on February 10, Twitter is Abuzz with Excitement

“The Walking Dead” will be back on TV on February 10, 2013, and Twitter is abuzz with excitement of the incoming new series. This American TV drama series is about a world ruled by “Walkers” or the “Walking Dead,” dead people who rose from their slumber to eat human flesh.

The Walking Dead’s” previous seasons had hit it off well with viewers because of its thrilling, heart-breaking episodes.  It caught the attention of viewers for its interesting zombie plot. One spoiler for the new series is that Rick and the Governor would finally meet each other face to face. Ricky is the leader of the “good” group, while Governor is the head of the “bad” group.

Andrew Lincoln, Image credit: The Walking Dead IMB

A fan on Twitter stated:

“If the streets are empty on the night of February 10, that means everyone will be watching The Walking Dead.”

Indeed, it is one of the most awaited series starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes as the deputy sheriff. “The Walking Dead” stars also Jon Bernthal, Laurie Cohan, Sarah Wayne Callies and many more.

In the series, the death of Rick’s wife, Lorie, during childbirth was a heart-wrenching episode of Season 3. His elder son, Carl, witnessed the entire gory scene and had to shoot her mother to prevent her in becoming another zombie.

The baby was safe but Rick had to battle his own demons with the fact that his wife was dead without him being able to express his love. They have not been in good speaking terms previously.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” were left hanging with the last episode where the two brothers, Merle and Daryl, were captured by the Governor.

The Walking Dead” earned the 2012 Satellite Award for Best Cast for a Television Series, and earned also in 2011, a nomination for Andrew Lincoln to the Saturn Award for Best Actor on Television.

Season 1 started airing October 31, 2010, and fans of the show hope that the series could run forever. With a few more days to wait for “The Walking Dead,” the air is charged with electricity as fans await the next episode.

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