The Voice PH Top 8 Results Sunday, September 22, 2013: Mitoy, Myk, Klarisse and Janice Made it to the Grand Finals

The Voice PH Top 8 Results this Sunday, September 22, 2013 is on. Who would make it to the Grand Finals? All the contenders are equally talented, so anyone could stay, but only 4 would stay.

Mitoy and Radha performed. Then Myk and Paolo:

Paolo Onesa commented on Myk Perez’s performance.

“You’re just as good without the guitar.”

Bamboo’s comment about Paolo Onesa’s performance:

“You’re making me look good.”

Morissette and Klarisse performed. They both performed superbly; Coach Sarah would have a difficult time deciding who to send home.

Next to perform are Thor and Janice.

Thor’s “Climb Every Mountain” made some people cry.

Janice sang “Imagine” with an undeniable powerful voice.

Lea Salonga’s comment:

“No one can sing like you. Oh my gosh, that confirms the presence of God.”

Coach Apl’s comment:

“Allelujah, oh my God, that was amazing, that was spectacular.”

Team Lea’s comment about Radha and Mitoy.

“As far as I’m concerned this is already the Grand Finals. I gave 55% to Radha, 45% to Mitoy.”

Public Vote:

108.78% – The artist who will represent Team Lea for the Grand Finale is Mitoy (63.78%- public vote)

Team Bamboo talks to Myk Perez and Paolo Onesa.

“For tonight, 55% to Mike, and 45% to Paolo.”

The winner after the public vote for a total of 103.08 points is Myk Perez.

For Team Sarah’s comment on Morissette and Klarisse performances

“You are both good, I love you both. Let the people speak. 55% to Klarisse, and 45% to Morissette.”

Klarisse wins with a total of 118.39 points.

Team Apl‘s vote for Thor and Janice:

“You give it your all. For Janice, I gave you 55%, for Thor I gave you 45%.”

After the public vote was added, the total was 112.85 points and was garnered by Janice for Team Apl for the The Voice of the Philippines Grand Finals.

Janice Javier The Voice PH
Janice Javier

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