The Voice of the Philippines: Patti Austin Sings with Lea Salonga; Who Would Win among Team Sarah, Team Apl, Team Bamboo or Team Lea’s Contestants? (Live Blog)

MANILA, PhilippinesThe Voice of the Philippines is on this Sunday, September 8, 2013. Who would win among the teams’ contestants in Team Sarah, Team Apl, Team Bamboo and Team Lea.

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The fight is on for Morissette and Maki; the voting polls were opened and then…closed.

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Darryl Shy is singing.

Coach Apl’s comments:

“That song is special to me…”

“…ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas, that’s such a perfect song.”

“Your version ang pinakamaganda.”

Coach Lea comments:

“Eto ang pinakaconectado mong song.”

“ palagay ko ang kantang iyan ang pinakadownloaded song tonight on iTunes.”

Mitoy is singing a Didith Reyes song.

Coach Sarah’s comment:

“Where have you been all my life?”

Voting lines open for Darryl and Mitoy.

On Twitter. many peeps prefer Mitoy‘s gentle and soft voice to Mitoy’s powerful voice.

Voting lines are closed for Mitoy and Darryl.

All songs can be downloaded on iTunes for only $0.66.

Coach Bamboo’s comments:

“We love the underdog…”

“I would vote for Darryl.”

The next performance is Lee Grane of Team Bamboo. She sings “Can’t Make You Love Me.

Coach Bamboo‘s comment:

“You’re unique, you’re special, you have charisma..what can I say, you’re great.”

Paolo sang “Skyfall.”

Coach Bamboo commended Paolo’s humility.

Voting lines are opened for Lee Grane and Paolo Onesa.

Coach Lea’s comment:

“I was impressed by the both of them.”

Team Apl is on stage.

Penelope sings.

Coach Lea‘s comment:

“You look incredible.”

Coach Apl’s comment:

“This is your time. Simpleng simple ka lang but when you are on stage, you are transformed into an amazing singer.”

Thor Dulay sings.

Coach Bamboo’s comment:

“You were great.”

Coach Apl’s comment:

“Simula pa lang ng stardom mo. Tonight, I congratulate you. You’ve done a good job.”

The performance of Coach Lea Salonga of a Patti Austin song will follow.

Voting lines are closed for Thor and Penelope.

Coach Sarah favors Thor Dulay.

The predictions for this episode’s winners are 1. Morisette 2. Darryl 3. Paolo 4. Thor

Coach Lea is singing.

Surprise of surprises! Patti Austin is welcomed by Lea Salonga to the stage. Lea and Patti sing together in an awesome duet.

Patti Austin reveals:

“The greatest singers that I’ve heard all over the world are Filipinos.”

Patti Austin left these words of wisdom for aspiring singers.

“Make your audience believe what you’re singing about. You may not hit all the notes the best way you can but if you sing from your heart, you’re safe”

She went on to say that people would appreciate singers when they sing from their hearts.

Coaches votes:

Coach Sarah:

“Whoever wins tonight, this is not the end.”

“I have to choose who was on fire.”

“40 % goes to Maki and 60% for Morissette.”

Coach Lea:

“Both of you guys were just amazing. 60% for Mitoy and 40% for Darryl.”

Coach Bamboo:

“Ang galing ninyong dalawa. Paolo, I see potential each week. I give 60% to Paolo and 40% to Lee.”

Coach Apl.

“Both of you are great, but in my heart, you guys, are both superstars. This is the hardest part of this job. But now I give 45% to Penelope and I give 55% to Thor.”

On Twitter, peeps are lauding Coach Bamboo’s vote. Bamboo has been previously criticized for his alleged favoritism in choosing Lee Grane in previous episodes.

The FINAL SCORES for the contestants (coach + public vote) on the Voice of the Philippines are:

Highest total score goes to 100.41 % is Morissette.

Maki – 89.59%

Coach Lea:

Mitoy= 104.11%

Darryl = 95.89%

Coach Bamboo:

Paolo = 141.24%

Lee Grane = 80.94%

Coach Apl

Thor = 119.72%

Penelope =84.28%

Winners for the VoicePH on Sunday, September 8, 2013 are:

1. Morissette

2. Mitoy

3. Paolo

4. Thor

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