The Reasons behind AlDub’s Phenomenal Success; Alden and Yaya Dub to Star in a Remake of “My Love from the Stars”?

The AlDub love team has reaped phenomenal success through the “Kalyeserye” of GMA7’s noontime show, “Eat Bulaga”. The dashing young actor, Alden Richards, and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza are the AlDub love team.


Alden and Yaya Dub


The kalyeserye trended on Twitter whenever the episode aired: #AlDub, #AldenRichards, AlDubHihintayinKita #AlDubWeBelongTogether and AlDubGameOfDestiny trended on Twitter during the AlDub episodes.

The love team is popular among Pinoys even abroad that Twitter is flooded with tweets from Alden-Yaya Dub fans.

Jeepney drivers, students, workers and even actors are glued to their TV sets thrilled of what would happen next to Alden and Yaya Dub. Some fans have expressed their desire for Alden and Yaya Dub to star in a remake of the popular TV Korean Drama entitled: “My Love from the Stars.”

“My Love from the Stars” starred Korean actors Kim So Hyun and Jun Ji-hyun.

So what are the reasons why the AlDub love team has gained phenomenal success?

1. The Nora Aunor complex – Most Pinoys cheer for the underdogs. A good example is Nora Aunor, the only Superstar of Philippine cinema. Her rise to fame was also phenomenal in spite of her plain looks. This is because through her, ordinary Filipinos held on to the hope that they can also make it big one day. Yaya Dub has charm and beauty but her looks are considered Pinoy na Pinoy and every one can identify with her – the Cinderella that the prince (Alden) is looking for.

2. Alden Richards is every girl’s dream – Alden is presently the “crush ng bayan”, with his disarming smile and dimpled face that make girls swoon and daydream about their own soul mates. He’s also unassuming and down to earth despite his good looks and popularity.

3. The plot is out of a storybook – Common girl meets prince and fans expect that they will live happily ever after. In real life, Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza have not met yet, and fans are thrilled and looking forward to that momentous event.

4. It’s unique – “kalyeserye” has a unique storyline and presentation. It’s live and the audiences are on the edge of their seats, excited of what can happen next.
Indeed, the AlDub phenomenon has made “Eat Bulaga” more entertaining. The “Kalyeserye” has also catapulted Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza into famous celebrities.

5. It’s a load of fun – Despite poverty and trials, Filipinos are one of the happiest people in the globe. They can easily laugh at simple jokes. The “Kalyeserye” provided loads of laughter and entertainment for everyone from all walks of life, regardless of age.

Hopefully, the AlDub love team will last longer and will grow stronger.

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