“The Quarterback”, Glee’s Tribute Episode for Cory Monteith

The Quarterback” is Glee’s Tribute episode for the late Cory Monteith on Thursday, October 10, 2013. It would be the 3rd episode of the 5th season of Glee.

Reportedly, the episode would be a flashback of all the previous memorable episodes of Finn (Cory Monteith) in the Glee series, with “Seasons of Love” as the theme song.

Cory Monteith in Glee

Cory’s reel and real-life girlfriend, Lea Michele, would surely be a significant part of these scenes with Cory.

The character of Finn Hudson, The Quarterback, in the Glee series contributed to what Glee is truly all about; a series that mirrors the struggles, challenges, triumphs and joys that young people encounter every day.

Tears would surely flood TV sets on October 10, as fans all over the globe reminisce Cory Monteith’s life.

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