The Place Beyond the Pines Trailer, Starring Ryan Gosling, Released, Film in Theaters on March 29

The “Place beyond the Pines,” starring Ryan Gosling, was finally released, but the film would be released in theaters only on March 29, 2013.

The highly-awaited Ryan Gosling movie also stars Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Ray Liotta, and Ben Mendolsohn. It is a new role for Ryan Gosling, 32, who starred as the “good guy”, and sometimes, as the misfit in films like “The Notebook”, “All Good Things,” and the “Ides of March,” among others.

Ryan Gosling picture
Ryan Gosling, Image credit:

Place beyond the Pines Trailer” would be a film that Ryan Gosling’s fans would truly appreciate.

Ryan Gosling won several awards including the Award for Best Foreign Actor from the  Russian Guild of Film Critics in 2001 for “The Believer,” the Best Actor for the  Satellite Award for Motion Picture Drama in 2011 for “Drive.” He has also more than a dozen nominations for his movie “Drive.

This Ryan Gosling and Brady Cooper starrer, “Place beyond the Pines,” is expected to sweep the previously established Box-Office records.

Movie fans, here comes The Place beyond the Pines.”

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