The Oscars 2014: Reactions on Twitter, Venezuelan Activists Invade Oscars; Where to Watch Live Streaming

It is the Oscars 2014 and all around the world people tuned in to the prestigious Academy Awards. Venezuelan ‘activists’ though has invaded the Oscars through their tweets by adding the hashtag #Oscar2014. They also made use of the hashtag #OscarsForVenezuela to their plea for help against repression in Venezuela.

Those who are in charge of the movement must know that the world would be watching the Oscars, and they capitalized on that to make their plight known. #OscarsForVenezuela keep popping on the Oscars tweet stream feed.

Lissette@LissetteAT 39m

@YahooCelebUK please help us taking a stand against repression in Venezuela #SOSVenezuela #PrayForVenezuela #OscarsForVenezuela #Oscar2014

Fans can watch Live streaming of the Oscars from

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