The Bigger Picture

“The Bigger Picture” by Minda Budzinak: A Novel You Shouldn’t Miss

“The Bigger Picture” is a newly published novel written by a newbie but interesting author, Ms Minda Budzinak.

This book is a wonderful read for couples, whether young or old, who want to learn more about the intricate webs of relationships. The chapters are depicted realistically, allowing you to connect with the characters on a personal level. The story could happen to any family, and to any relationship.

At first, I was hesitant to purchase this book, as I’m stuffed with romantic stories at this point in my life. However, I’m happy I did because I enjoyed this novel so much; I didn’t expect the ending though. It was unexpectedly riveting.

I can’t help but to keep reading until I have reached the last page, and as I was reading, I went through several phases; from a feeling that I was reading soft porn, to a thought that I was into a tragic romance, and then to an emotional crying spree, where I felt my heart ache with the character’s pain because of a similar experience.

There were glimpses of humor too, when I can’t help but smile. Also, there was a surprising twist to the story that was superbly woven into the plot. Who would have imagined THAT?

“The Bigger Picture” is also a superb novel for individuals working in laboratories or hospitals, as the scenes are so genuine, you can actually experience the vibes inside the hospital setting and the tribulations that the characters were going through.

This is not surprising as Minda currently works in a big laboratory in Wyoming. In her work as a Clinical Laboratory Scientists, she has received merit awards for her competence and diligence. So, the scenes are written from a genuine point of view.

MInda Budzinak

To know more about the author visit Minda’s Amazon profile.

The Bigger Picture by Minda Budzinak

During my pleasurable reading, I laughed, cried, and got to reflect on my own life as well. Like I did, you may want to immerse yourself with the joys and travails of family life, and learn valuable lessons too. I don’t want to reveal so much, as this may act as a spoiler.

I recommend this novel to all individuals who are in relationships or who plan to go into relationships, and for everyone who simply wanted a good read. This book is for you. Don’t miss the chance to learn gems of wisdom from this book – to have fun reading, while learning.

Read the book and glean some precious jewels of thoughts that you could live by. This is one book you shouldn’t miss.

You can purchase “The Bigger Picture” by Minda Budzinak on Amazon in digital and hard copy formats.

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  1. Jena,
    Thanks so much for this beautiful write up about my novel. Yes, I hope your readers will give this book a try.

    Thanks so much!


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