“Survivor” US Edition Premieres in Cagayan, Philippines with Producer-TV Host Jeff Probst

Cagayan, PhilippinesTagged as the “Survivor: Cagayan Premiere,” The US version of the “Survivor” reality TV show premiered in Cagayan Valley, north of Manila, on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

Survivor Cagayan
Survivor Cagayan, Image credit: CBS

The three competing tribes with 6 members each, the Brains tribe (Luzon), the Beauty tribe (Solana) and the Brawn tribe (Aparri) have traveled through helicopter, boat and truck, respectively, to the site.

From “Survivor”’s host, Jeff Probst, official Twitter account, he tweeted:

“#survivor so glad you guys dug the premiere! Yeah baby! Ratings were very good and it’s thanks to you. Yes, DVR ratings count too :)”

The “Survivor: Cagayan” Premiere rating has been revealed to be close to the ratings of the season premiere of American Idol, the most popular singing competition.

Participants in the Survivor: Cagayan edition are:

  1. Cliff Robinson
  2. David Samson
  3. LJ McKanas
  4. Yung “Woo” Hwang
  5. Spencer Bledsoe
  6. Trish Hegarty
  7. Jefra Bland
  8. Jeremiah Wood
  9. Lindsey Ogle
  10. Morgan McLeod
  11. Alexis Maxwell
  12. Latasha “Tasha” Fox
  13. Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen
  14. J’Tia Taylor
  15. Sarah Lacina
  16. Tony Vlachos
  17. Brice Johnston
  18. Garrett Adelstein

Two are already voted out after 6 days: David Samson and Garrett Adelstein

The tribe members vote who they want to go home, until a sole survivor is left. The sole survivor would win $1,000,000 (prior to taxes). All participants of the “Survivor” usually received cash prizes with the runner-up receiving $100,000, and the third place  – $85,000, most of the time.

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