Superman V Batman Trailer Goes Viral with More than 16 Million Hits

The Official Trailer of the movie: “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is finally released last July 11, 2015. And to date, the video has already more than 16 million hits and more than 36 thousand comments; majority of movie fans are excited about the movie.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Poster, Image credit: Warner Bros.


“People hate what they don’t understand. Be their hero, Clark. Be their angel. Be their monument. Be anything they need you to be.”

Ben Affleck plays the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Henry Cavill plays the role of Clark Kent/Superman. Lois Lane is Amy Adams, and Lex Luthor is Jesse Eisenberg. The screenwriter is David S. Goyer.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

Watch the trailer below, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

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