Steve Perry Talks about Journey and Arnel Pineda: “He’s just a sweet kid, and I’m really happy”

Steve Perry talked about various topics on his Q1043 New York’s Classic Rock interview. Aside from talking about Arnel, he also talked about his hiatus from music, the love of his life, a possible reunion with Journey and the music that he’s busy with at present.

Steve Perry’s interview on Q1043 New York


“It just seemed like a really special moment…and you were, from what I understand, just as warm and generous as any person can be to another person in your dealings with Arnel, who idolizes you.

While some Steve Perry diehard fans don’t appreciate Arnel Pineda as the new singer of Journey, Steve, himself, has only good words for the Filipino frontman.

Here’s what The Voice replied:

Steve Perry on Arnel Pineda:

“Well, he’s a great kid, and he sings his heart out every night. And he’s been with the band, I think for 10 years, something like that. It’s a good gig for him; it’s a good gig for me, it’s a good gig for him, you know. He’s just a sweet kid, and I’m really happy.”

Asked about Journey, his answer was not a “no”, but not a “yes” either.


“Can you see yourself ever doing anything with Journey again?”

Steve replied that it was a tough question and that presently, he found his conviction for music again and he’s just committed to what he was doing at the moment.

Steve Perry’s new album, “Traces” would be released on October 4, 2018. Meanwhile his single, “No Erasin”, has more than a million views on YouTube after only a day of its release.

Watch the entire interview of Steve Perry on the YouTube video below, courtesy of Q1043 New York’s Classic Rock.

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