Sen. Bong Revilla Surrenders; another Government Scapegoat? Reactions of Netizens

Bong Revilla, the senator-actor has surrendered, reportedly, on June 20, 2014 to the Sandiganbayan for the graft and plunder charges against him.

Revilla’s supporters and his wife, Congresswoman, Lani Mercado, were there to show their moral support, claiming the senator was innocent of the charges.


Sen. Bong Revilla
Sen. Bong Revilla


The reactions on Twitter were of disgust and dismay, as if the senator is already guilty even without a prior trial. Where is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

Bong Revilla’s supporters should also use social media to let their voices be heard, or are they the common taos that don’t have time to tweet and FB?

What’s apparent, also, is that after Revilla’ speech reminding President Aquino of the inefficiency of his government, the wheels (whatever wheels they were) seemed to go fast forward. What about all the pro-government personalities accused of the same crime, what’s taking them so long to put them behind bars?

How much more people’s taxes will be spend before Napoles could be sentenced? How many more sufferings will the poor people endure before the government takes pity on them? How much longer will the elite and the rich turn a blind eye to the truth of what’s happening around them?

Kawawang Bong Revilla, naging sisihan na naman ng graft and corruption. Baka pagtaas ng presyo ng bigas, bawang, asukal at pamasahe, eh isisisi lahat kay Bong. (It’s such a pity that graft and corruption charges fall on Bong Revilla’s shoulders. They might even blame him for everything, the price increases in rice, garlic, sugar and jeepney fare.)

The government is blameless. It’s everybody’s fault – GMA, Marcos, Haiyan, Romualdez, LGU, indigent people – except, Noynoy Aquino and his government.

Truth will prevail in the end, and karma never fails. It’s the law of nature. To Bong Revilla and the government, may God’s justice be upheld.

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