“Selecta Cornetto’s Ride to Fame” Contest Reveals Top 10 Semifinalists; who would Win and Perform as Taylor Swift’s Front Act on her Red Tour?

MANILA, Philippines – “Selecta Cornetto’s Ride to Fame Contest” has revealed its Top 10 Semifinalists on April 16 and they have advanced to the semifinal round. The contestants are thrilled with the prospect to perform as the Front Act of Taylor Swift’s Red Tour Concert.

Taylor Swift Cornetto ride to Fame Contest
Taylor Swift, Image credit: Cornetto

The following are the Top 10 semifinalists of the “Selecta Cornetto’s Ride to Fame” contest.

1. Jezreel Lacida
2. Kennard Faraon
3. Equivocal
4. Kai Honasan
5. Sarah Bapial
6. One Click Straight
7. Meg Bucsit
8. Maxine Tiongson
9. Ashley Aunor
10.Xiao Santiago

Fans can still vote for their favorites on Cornetto’s Facebook Page.

Who would win the competition? Check later for updates.

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