Sarah Lahbati Must Be Telling Some Truth?

MANILA, Philippines – There are always two sides of a coin, and both of these sides are true. That is like saying that Filipino-Swiss actress Sarah Lahbati holds some truth to her pronouncements. Motivation is always what makes people do what they do.

GMA-7 has already filed a case against Sarah Lahbati for “breach of management and program contracts” and “libel” at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court on Thursday, January 10, reportedly.

Sarah Lahbati FB
Sarah Lahbati FB

But just like the sides of a coin, there must be some truth to Sarah Lahbati’s statements. Reading through her tweets, one can see the sincerity and honesty of her words.

Sarah Lahbati@SarahLahbati

“I know that there’s a lot people out there who doesn’t understand what I’m going through… People are saying na bakit ako nagrereklamo…

baka lumaki na ang ulo ko at yumabang… Hindi po ako nag rereklamo, bakit naman ako magyayabang? Wala naman akong ipagyayabang.”

(People are saying, why am I complaining, perhaps, I’ve become big-headed and proud? I’m not complaining. Why should I be boasting? I don’t have anything to boast about.)

Sarah Labahti tweet

Sarah Labahti tweet2

She wouldn’t lie about EVERYTHING, Would she?

Sarah is well aware that she is still not THAT popular, and she has still a long way to go to achieve stardom, so being a prima donna is not in the equation.

Sara Lahbati has participated in star-struck and has appeared in several movies like “White House,” “Boy Pick-up” and “Seduction.”

She also appeared in GMA-7’s TV shows namely “Little Star,” “Time of My Life,” “Makapiling Kang Muli,” and “Indio.

The question now is what are the truths that Sarah Lahbati said?

The “lies” may not be deliberate. They might have come from deduction and induction. They might even be relative to the person interpreting the incident.

Hopefully, the truth would be revealed between Sarah Lahbati and GMA-7 because in the end “Truth prevails.”

Before anyone would react violently, this is only an opinion that both sides could consider.


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