Sandra Bullock’s “Gravity” Prompts Some Soul-Searching and Self-Realization: A Sci-Fi Fan’s ‘Review’

Sandra Bullock’s “Gravity” prompts some soul-searching and self-realization. These are the conclusions of a fan who have watched the sci-fi movie that opened in theaters this October.

Reportedly, “Gravity” is No. 1 for the second weekend and has grossed more than $44 million to stay as the top grossing film for this week.


The movie has, actually, only two characters: Dr. Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock and Matt Kowalski, played by George Cloney, meaning, the cost for actors has been reduced, but the space scenes and the shots in “outer space” may have cost a fortune.

The spectacular scenes could take your breath away; they were “out of this world” and would make you realize that you are just a speck in the universe; that out there, man is truly alone.

When Matt Kowalski re-appeared to urge Dr. Stone to return home, he said that it was so easy to just shut everything down, to close your eyes and let go. It was so peaceful in a sinister way.

It was hard imagining breathing, living people in that circular sphere called Earth. Earth seemed lifeless from that distance. The ‘views’ projected in the movie were all extraordinary. Makes one think, are there other planets, like Earth, out there? There are several realizations and questions that could come to a viewer’s mind.


Gravity, Sandra Bullock


One question the fan has was this: “Why wasn’t Dr. Stone given more physical training so that she could maneuver more easily through the space shuttle?”

All in all, it was one amazing adventure. Fan’s rating is 8/10.


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