San Diego Police Officer’s Act of Kindness before Death Would Remain His Most Viral Legacy

A San Diego Police Officer’s act of kindness before his death would apparently remain his most viral legacy. Police Officer Jeremy Henwood had returned from his tour from Afghanistan and Iraq, and it was incomprehensible that Henwood would meet his demise back at home.

Marine Combat Veteran Jeremy Henwood’s bravery and courage during his tour of duty abroad is his greatest service to his country but his little act of kindness to a kid – a complete stranger – would circulate online forever and would remain viral. His noble act has been captured on cam, forever.

Police Officer Henwood’s act of kindness

Henwood was buying food at MacDonalds when a kid, who was buying cookies, was short on change; he helped out the kid without hesitation, conversed with him, and even encouraged the kid to work hard to achieve his ambition. Shortly, thereafter, Henwood was gunned down in his police car.

Henwood’s act of kindness has left a lasting impression on the 13-year old kid and the whole world.

By the way, this happened almost a year ago, demonstrating how viral and eternal a video could become. It has 4,593,316 hits and 16,538 likes, to date.

Police Officer Jeremy Henwood’s act of kindness

Video credit: jiffyfletch/YouTube

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