Rockstar Arnel Pineda Tweets: “I am still the one fronting your fave band, Journey”

Rockstar, Arnel Pineda, tweeted from his official Twitter account: “I am still the one fronting your fave band, Journey, coming summer, until they say so that it’s over.” This statement may be an answer to the rumors that the Pinoy rockstar is leaving the legendary rock band.


Arnel Pineda, Image credit: official Twitter account

The question “Is Arnel Pineda leaving Journey?” continues to appear on Google and Yahoo searches. The rumor has been intensified by a recent post about Steve Perry’s reported pronouncements, allowing people to conclude that there is “some type of reunion with JOURNEY co-founder Neal Schon in the works.”


Steve Perry

Journey’s management has disclosed that it was not true, though:

“While everyone is on good terms, with no issues, there are no plans for any kind of reunion or attempts to work together in the foreseeable future.”

Arnel Pineda has denied news circulating online that he wants out of Journey, and that he is not in good terms with lead guitarist Neal Schon. Neal Schon, reportedly, denied the rumors too, saying: “Arnel and I are solid…very solid…

The ultimate powerful vocals and the class-A performances of Arnel Pineda as frontman of Journey have dazzled more Journey fans as the band continues to reap  considerable accolades as the years go by. While some Steve Perry diehard fans are hoping for The Voice to reunite with Journey, most Journey fans had moved on with Arnel Pineda as lead singer. Pineda’s humility and unassuming ways have made fans out of previous unbelievers. Arnel openly admits that he is also a Steve Perry fan, and watching them perform onstage again, would be a genuine treat for him.

Apparently, Arnel Pineda is still considered by the band as a gem because he will continue as lead singer of Journey for its summer live tour in the US. The Steve Miller Band will tour with Journey starting in Chula Vista, California on May 15, 2014.

Know more about the complete tour schedule of Journey this summer from Arnel Pineda’s website.

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