Revealed, Heejun Han’s Light Moments with Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon during 2012 American Idol Live Tour (Video)

Channel 19 Network released, this October, some YouTube videos taken during the Top 10 American Idol tour with Heejun Han.

Heejun Han, American Idol’s funny man, spent some light moments with Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon. In the video Heejun Han frightened the daylights out of  Joshua Ledet, and followed Colton Dixon outside when he went out give some autographs.

Heejun Han, Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick

Image Credit: Heejun Han/Twitter

During the 2012 American Idol Live Tour, Heejun played pranks on everyone. In one of the interviews during their Manila performance, Heejun even proclaimed Jessica Sanchez was his fiancée.

Meanwhile, Colton Dixon celebrates his 21st birthday this October 19 with his fans all over the world. Colton would be on Access Hollywood on October 20, 21 in the evenings and on October 22 in the morning.

Heejun Han’s light moments with Jessica, Colton, and Joshua

Video credit: Channel 19 Network /YouTube

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