Reactions: Watch Rihanna’s “Outrageously” Revealing Outfit during CFDA Event; Miley Cyrus, Move Over

Here are some reactions to Rihanna’s “outrageously” revealing outfit during the CFDA Event honoring her as a fashion style icon for 2014. Rihanna attended the event with nothing on but fishnet and Swarovski crystals.


Rihanna at CFDA
Rihanna at CFDA


There were mixed reactions with some admiring Rihanna’s audacity and originality. Some say that Jennifer Lopez is more of a fashion icon because she leaves people to use some of their imagination by not revealing everything.

On Twitter some Tweeps expressed their disappointment saying the way Rihanna is dressing gives an immoral message to youngsters. Some tweeted that her photos was one of the best pics of the day.

Watch Rihanna at the CFDA award below:

Rihanna at CFDA event

Video credit: CFDA /YouTube

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