Reactions to Jennifer Lopez’s Performance at the AMAs 2015

The sensual performance of Jennifer Lopez at the AMA 2015 is now the talk of Netizens online. She performed with the zest and energy of an 18 year-old woman. With her rousing performance, one can never imagine that she is already 46 years old.


Jennifer Lopez AMA 2015
Jennifer Lopez performs at the AMA 2015


Many people admired how she was able to maintain her figure and power in spite of her age’ she can give any recent singers a run for their money. Nicki Minaj, however, has some “doubts” about Jennifer’s performance. Well, she’s the only one with that opinion; majority on Twitter and Facebook are all praises of Jen’s rendition.

On her Twitter account she posted:


  Here are some reactions of Netizens on Twitter to Jennifer Lopez’s AMA 2015 performance.  


Jennifer Lopez reactions AMA 2015


Jennifer Lopez reactions AMA 2015.jpg3


Jennifer Lopez reactions AMA 20152

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