Reactions to BTS’ Jungkook’s Vocals on “Waste It On Me” with Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki and BTS’ “Waste it On me” has been released and the “reaction on social media was absolutely wild” according to Steve. It’s the first all English song of BTS in collaboration with Steve Aoki, a famous American DJ, composer, producer and musician.

ARMYs played a crucial role in making Waste It On Me #1 on iTunes in 67 countries, while it’s #2 or charting in many more countries. A few hours after its release, it made #1 on US iTunes Top Songs.

It also gained more than a million streams on Spotify, and has been featured in almost all radio stations across America.

This has securely allowed BTS to gain a foothold on older local audiences, who may not have heard of BTS because of the language barrier.

Waste It On Me’s vocals were that mainly of Jungkook, with Jimin performing some too, while RM did an incredible rap that completed the song.

Jungkook (center) with Jin and RM (BTS)

Jeon Jungkook is the youngest of the Bangtan Boys at 21. He’s called the Golden Maknae because he can dance, sing, rap, and is a good athlete as well.

Jeon Jungkook of BTS

BTS and Steve Aoki have mutual respect for each other and some ARMYs now call Steve Aoki, Uncle Steve. He was relentless too in going from one radio station to another to campaign for the song while BTS is back on home ground to receive a Cultural Medal Award from the South Korean Government. It’s the 3rd collaboration between these artists.

Steve_Aoki_Mic Drop_ BTS
Steve Aoki in Mic Drop with BTS

They made history again as the youngest recipient – ever – of the prestigious award. Just recently RM’s mono has displaced Lady Gaga’s album from its #1 position as Top Album.

BTS continues to break records as they move forward on their journey to greater stardom. Who would have thought that the 7 young, unnoticed group would become the greatest boy band of their time?

Here are some reactions to Jungkook’s vocals:

Some listeners, who listened to it for the first time – without knowing who the singer was – thought it was sung by an English singer. (Jungkook can speak some English sentences but he is still learning to speak fluently.)


“Such a refreshing song. Amazing lyrics and also found my new favourite voice. That boy has the smoothest and purest voice. I’m in love. Need to check out this BTS group, I’m curious now.”

Lynn Kueh

“Guys I was driving to work and this new song was played on the radio. My heart melts listening to this and I want to hear which singer is this? And the radio djay mentioned it is BTS. What??? I have heard of BTS and it is a Kpop group. The main singer is on par or even better than English singers.. Wow even the radio djays are gushing how GOOD this song is and I don’t hear them play BTS songs in their channel. or gushing about them. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.”

Dana Lee

Okay, i see it now. All this hype around BTS OMG!!! they’re absolutely phenomenal. Please who’s the one singing??? His voice is so heavenly… i might stan.

Danielle Old

Oh wow Aoki really out did himself with this! The vocals are cool, BTS sound lit…Might have to check them out! didnt realise they were this good!

Watch the video of Waste It On Me, courtesy of Ultra Music, and read more of the viewer’s reactions to the song.

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