Popular Tennis Player, Maria Sharapova, Tweets about Mystery Man on Plane Reading an Article about Her

Popular tennis player, Maria Sharapova, tweeted about a mystery man on who was reading a newspaper article about her while aboard a plane. Sharapova was right behind the man, who has no inkling at all, that the Top Russian athlete was right behind him.


Maria Sharapova behind man reading an article about her
Image credit: Maria Sharapova on Twitter


Maria Sharapova may find the incident amusing because she tweeted a picture of the man who was reading the article.

Here’s the tweet of Maria Sharapova:

Who is the man? It would be a pleasant surprise if he comes to know that he became an instant celebrity on Tweeter because of Maria Sharapova. Fans would probably go on a manhunt online to learn the identity of this mysterious reader.

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