Pinoy Oscar 2013 Nominations: Three Filipino Movies Considered for the Oscars but Only One Was Chosen

MANILA, Philippines – The Oscar 2013 Nominations is one of the most sought after recognition that local artists are aspiring for.

Just a nomination to the globally acclaimed Oscars is enough to be proud of. It is because the Oscars is the Mother of all award-giving bodies, internationally.

There were three (3) Filipino movies, which were considered for the Oscars, (also known as the Film Academy Awards). These were the following:

1. “Thy Womb” – stars Nora Aunor and directed by Brillante Mendoza
2. “On the Job” – stars Piolo Pascual and directed by Erik Matti
3. “Transit“– stars Jasmine Curtis Smith, by Hannah Espia

Only one was chosen as the entry of the Philippines to the Oscars, and “Transit” made the final cut.

Aside from Jasmine Curtis Smith, “Transit” also stars Mercedes Cabral, Marc Justine Alvarez and Ping Medina, among others.

Previously, supporters of Nora Aunor have initiated a petition that aimed to campaign for “Thy Womb” as the official entry of the Philippines for the Oscars.

Thy Womb” was a strong contender and an ideal entry for the Oscars because it has already won several Best Actress and Best Director recognitions from international award-giving bodies. This indicated that people abroad admired what they had witnessed. Apparently, the local Film Academy had a different criteria.

Check back later for updates to learn, if the Philippines’ final entry “Transit” had won the Best Foreign Film from the 2013 Oscar Awards Night, ir any of the awards given for the event.

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