Piers Morgan Gets a Flu Shot Live on the “Piers Morgan Tonight” as U.S. Flu Epidemic Occurs

Piers Morgan, the controversial host, gets a flu shot live on the “Piers Morgan Tonight,” January 11, 2013.

Morgan, who was recently on the hot seat with his gun ban, is in the spotlight again with his guest, Dr. Mehmet Oz, who administered the vaccine, and talked about prevention of the flu virus epidemic in the U.S.

Piers Morgan gets flu shot from Dr. Oz
Piers Morgan gets flu shot from Dr. Oz

CDC has disclosed that 9 out of 10 regions in the U.S. are infected with flu-like illnesses, turning it into a flu epidemic. There are already 20 reported deaths in the U.S. CDC also stated that the most effective way to prevent the virus is to get vaccinated, and Piers Morgan is apparently taking heed of the advice.

Piers Morgan asked if children can have it and Dr. Oz replied that children more than 6 months old could take the shot.

Dr. Oz further said that it’s a myth that vaccines could instead cause flu because the vaccines are composed of dead viruses.

Dr. Oz also stated that:

“In life there’s some things that are predictable, there’s some things that aren’t. This is one of those events that I think it will be beneficial with very low side effects.”

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