Pheith Iena Ballug Wins Grand Championship during the Louisian Got Talent 2013 Contest

BAGUIO CITY, PhilippinesPheith Iena Ballug, of St. Louis University’s School of Accountancy and Business Management, has won the Grand Championship during the Louisian Got Talent 2013 Contest. The competition was held last February 26, 2013, at the Prince Bernhard Gym in SLU.

Pheith Iena, 20, is multi-talented, being able to play several instruments, including drums, which she plays with the SLU Band, when she is not a majorette of the band. She also dances jazz, ballroom, and all types of genre-sometimes- with a group, and sometimes solo. She sings beautifully, as well.

She played the drums, sang, and danced during the contest, and the crowd roared their approval of her amazing performance. The judges lauded her performance too by awarding her the Grand Finals’ Championship Trophy.

Her favorite quotation is:

“The stage is my home, music is the air i breathe,, and God is my spotlight.”

Here are some of her pictures.

Pheith Iena playing the drum
Pheith Iena dancing
Pheith Iena singing
Pheith Iena winning the championship
Pheith Iena as a Majorette of the SLU Band

Iena is one of two children of Benedict Ballug and Juvy Calputora. She is the only girl; that is why her elder brother, Pherst Destin, feels protective of her.

This young, lovely girl with such an awesome talent would surely capture more feathers to her cap. Congratulations, Pheith Iena.

The other winners of Louisian Got Talent are:

Inah TimoteoSOH FinalistSecond Place
Express MovementSEA WildcardThird Place
143 BeatsSON WildcardPeople’s Choice

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  1. this is amazing presentation- and thanks for the presentor and to my daughter Pheith Iena Calpotura Ballug- I LOVE YOU – DAD


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