Shocking Outfits of Miley Cyrus on Bangerz Tour; Advisory, Parental Guidance for Explicit Content

The shocking or outrageous outfits and sensuous performance of Miley Cyrus during her Bangerz Tour that was held last February 14, 2014 has prompted the issuance of an advisory – “Parental Advisory Explicit Content.”

From her official Twitter account, she tweeted:

Former prim and proper Hannah Montana has once again proven to everyone that she is the one and only ‘Bangerz’ performer with her racy costumes, hip gyrations, and suggestive sexual dances.

Miley Cyrus wore almost nothing, except thongs, and some accessories. Many of her commenters on her YouTube videos expressed their support, while some stated their disappointment, saying she has a great voice and does not have to do these things.

Below are some of Miley Cyrus’ outrageous outfits during the Bangerz Tour.


Miley Cyrus in Bangerz Tour, Image credit: Miley Cyrus/Twitter




Miley Cyrus
has outperformed herself -again- in her latest Bangerz Tour. Check back later for updates.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tout ”

Video credit: MileyArmy/YouTube

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