Opinion on Vhong Navarro’s Mauling: Vhong Navarro’s Story is More Credible than Cedric Lee’s

MANILA, Philippines – Both parties have already expressed their sides, as reported by local news sites, and to sum this up; after he was mauled on January 22, actor TV host Vhong Navarro has been interviewed by Boy Abunda on TV. He narrated a tale of beating and blackmail done by Cedric Lee’s group. Cedric allegedly demanded P2 million, but Vhong said he told Cedric he could not afford it, so it went down to P1 million.

Vhong Navarro beaten
Vhong Navarro

On the other hand, Cedric Lee has disclosed on his reported Facebook page that Vhong Navarro attempted to rape his friend, and that was why they had him sign a police blotter. Allegedly, Vhong has tried to rape Deniece Cornejo.

Cedric Lee

The interview of Vhong Navarro relating his story to Boy Abunda would convince TV viewers that he is telling the truth.

There are various YouTube videos that have already posted similar events occurring abroad, where a girl sets up a man, and then blackmail him, such as the video below.

Sexy Scammers Seduce & Blackmail Men Online

Video credit: The Young Turks /YouTube

This is only an opinion, and a man is innocent until proven guilty, so the benefit of the doubt is still given Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo.

Watch the full video interview of Vhong Navarro by Boy Abunda HERE.

1 thought on “Opinion on Vhong Navarro’s Mauling: Vhong Navarro’s Story is More Credible than Cedric Lee’s”

  1. How about we base it on the facts? Aren’t Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo (and their cohorts) guilty of “assault”? Forget who’s lying and who’s not! That’ll never be proven because it’s only Vhong’s word against theirs. Let’s stick to the facts. The fact is Vhong was assaulted and nearly killed. So far, Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo are not denying that fact that they beat up and tortured the guy.


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