Nora Aunor: The Legendary Superstar Made an Indelible Mark in Philippine Entertainment

MANILA, Philippines – The year 2012 has ended and the one and only Superstar of Philippine cinema ended it with a blast by winning the Best Actress award for her film, “Thy Womb”, in the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) last December 27, 2012.

Even if “Thy Womb” did not do well in the theaters, Nora Aunor is still prominently talked about in showbiz circles. Her film not only won for her Best Actress, but has also earned her the honor of being given the same award by international award giving bodies.

Superstar Nora Aunor holds the record of the longest running TV musical show. Her rise from rags to riches is something Filipinos find inspiration in.

Nora Aunor Best Actress MMFF
Nora Aunor, Best Actress MMFF, Image credit: Nora Aunor for National Artist FB

In her early days in the entertainment industry, she attracted huge crowds to her concerts and movies. She was paired with Tirso Cruz III (Pip), Manny De Leon, Cocoy Laurel, and Christopher De Leon (Boyet).

She got married with Boyet in a beach wedding, when they were still in their teens. The couple has legally separated eventually, and Boyet got married to Sandy Andolong. Whoever she was paired with, her movies were always blockbusters.

Nora Aunor is remembered also for her award winning performances in “Himala”, “Bona”, and “Minsan May Isang Gamu-Gamo”, among many others.

Her records were sold like hotcakes, and her movies were top-grossers in the Box Office. Her movie rival, Vilma Santos, was only second best then.

It is good to reminisce those poignant moments of Nora Aunor’s heydays. The amazing thing about all of these, is that she is still the Legendary Superstar of Philippine movies, shining even brighter than before.

Below is one of her greatest performances during one of the Star Awards.

Nora Aunor’s Legendary Performance

Video credit: fridamanalo/YouTube

5 thoughts on “Nora Aunor: The Legendary Superstar Made an Indelible Mark in Philippine Entertainment”

  1. Nora Aunor’s achievement in Philippine Entertainment history is unparalleled. From teen age biggest box office star (the so called box office stars now dont even know how huge Nora Aunor was in her heydays which lasted decades – she conquered Film, TV, Recording, Print media) she transformed herself to be a real artist giving us classic films like Himala, Bona, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Merika, Bakit Bughaw ang Langit, etc. and now Thy Womb. Now, she is acknowledged as internationally acclaimed actress winning recently the hearts of independent critics in Venice and the highest accolade in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2012 Best Performance by An Actress beating formidable Korean and Russian Actresses.

  2. she is the only actress i know who can transform an ordinary film, i.e., mediocre script, thin plot, ordinary story into an acting vehicle. She always rises above the mediocrity of the materials given to her and transform the mediocrity into the level of artistry through her intelligent interpretation of any king of role assigned to her. There is no other actress in the entire history of Philippine cinema that can even, surpass or equal the kind of artistry that she lends or impart to any kind of role she portrays . Indeed a true blue blooded artist in real sense of the word. She is indeed the queen of all actors and actresses in the history of entire Phil cinema.


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