Nathaniel Willemse Eliminated from X Factor Australia 2012: Shocking Result after the Praises He Earned during Performance Night

Nathaniel Willemse was eliminated from X Factor Australia 2012 on October 30, 2012, after he had a showdown with another Bottom 2, Samantha Jade.

During the showdown, Samantha Jade sang “At Last“, while Nathaniel Willemse sang “Sexual Healing.

After all the glowing praises of the judges for Nathaniel Willemse, he was still eliminated from the X Factor Australia show.

Nathaniel Willemse
Image Credit: FarmAnimals4FarmGal1/YouTube Grab

There was a deadlock among the votes of the judges; Ronan Keating voted for Nathaniel Willemse to go home, while Mel B chose Samantha Jade to go home. Guy Sebastian and Natalie Bassingthwaighte were undecided, so the decision relied on the votes.

Nathaniel Willemse got the lowest votes, and was voted off from the X Factor Australia 2012 Show.

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