Movie Review: “Crazy Beautiful You” Starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo

“Crazy Beautiful You” comes out swinging in the Box Office for a low budgeted film. It has already grossed more than P110 million in the Philippines, alone. Daniel Padilla, the teen idol that girls go crazy over, has definitely found his footing in his role as Kiko, a youngster in Tarlac, who has been tapped as the coordinator for a Medical Mission in one of the Aeta Villages.


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Daniel Padilla plays opposite his favorite leading lady, Kathryn Bernardo, who has also matured into a lovely, young actress. She plays the role of Jackie, the rebellious daughter of Dr. Lea Serrano, played by Lorna Tolentino.

Some of the cast members include Gabby Concepcion as Mayor Alcantara (father of Kiko and Marcus) and Inigo Pascual as Marcus Alcantara, the half- brother of Kiko.

In addition, the story written by Rory Quintos and screenplay by Bianca B. Bernardino and group was simple but good. Coupled with Moises Lee and Dan Villegas’ cinematography, “Crazy, Beautiful You” came out a winner.

The Plot

The story has various (moral) lessons that viewers can glean. It depicts the reality of many Filipino families now, broken and hurting. Yet, every individual responds to the pain in different ways.

The story revolves around a Medical Mission conducted in Tarukan, one of the Aeta Villages in Tarlac, and a love story slowly unraveled there, with a dash of comedy and spiced up with some tearjerker scenes.

A romantic rivalry erupted between Marcus and Kiko that caused misunderstanding between the families. How the rivalry was resolved was one of the touching scenes of the movie.
The plot was simple, yet believable and excellently portrayed. The scenes were smooth and can sustain the interest of viewers until the end.


The Performance of the Actors

The lead stars Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo have come a long way from their cutie-sweetie roles in their first films. Although, Daniel Padilla has very few dramatic scenes, because his role was to be an optimist, he came out brilliant as ever in his crying scene. His acting was restrained and “silent” but you can feel the emotion pouring through his body language and eyes. He could truly act!

Based on this credible performance, one can predict that he can be the new Christopher de Leon of Philippine cinema. Director Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar knew how to bring out the tiger out of the cub from Daniel Padilla.

On the other hand, Kathryn Bernardo has also shown her talent by pitting her acting skills with no other than Lorna Tolentino, one of the noted drama queens of the country. Her acting was believable and sincere. Other lesser actresses would have been “swallowed” by LT’s presence, but Kathryn Bernardo held her own.


It’s a movie that is highly recommended for teens and their parents for a relaxing afternoon in the theater or at home. There’s a little of everything in it, nicely minced and mixed. It seemed short though, because more scenes would have been shot between the lovebirds and the mayor and his sons. In some scenes, the moviegoer is left to make his own conclusions about how the family relationships came to be.

But that’s just a minor setback to what the movie can offer – simple, fun and meaningful time at the movies with your friends or family members.


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