Molly Scott Nailed BTS’ “Fake Love” on X Factor UK; Simon Cowell Gave Her a Standing Ovation (Video)

For the first time, BTS’ “Fake Love” was performed by a contestant in an international singing competition. Molly Scott nailed the song on X Factor UK on October 2018.

“Fake Love” was translated into English and the 16-year old sang it as a ballad sans the complex choreography.

Molly Scott performs Fake Love on X Factor UK

Nevertheless, it was performed beautifully with Molly slaying the song. This made the hard-to-please X Factor judge, Simon Cowell, give her a standing ovation. Simon even encouraged the other judges to do so.

Obviously, this would be the start of BTS’ songs being included in the song selections of contestants on different singing competitions. Wouldn’t it be great to have a group perform a BTS song as an entry to the contest?

Molly Scott gave a whole new interpretation to the song that highlighted the incredible impact of the lyrics and the melody of “Fake Love”.

This attests to the fact that the South Korean boy band, BTS, has invaded even the world’s mainstream singing competition shows.

Watch Molly Scott perform “Fake Love” on X Factor UK; video courtesy of X Factor UK.

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