Miss Philippines, Kris Tiffany Janson, Won the Online Poll for a Slot as one of the 16 Finalists on Miss Intercontinental 2014

Miss Philippines, Kris Tiffany Janson, won the Online Poll with 9,999 votes and will advance as one of the 16 Finalists for the Miss Intercontinental 2014.

Miss Puerto Rico, Keysi Marie Vargas, came in second with 9,590; just 409 votes away from Miss Philippines, while Miss Thailand, Patraporn Wang, came in third with 8,774 votes.

Miss Intercontinental 2014
Miss Intercontinental 2014, Image credit: Miss Philippines Facebook page

The voting poll for the online contest brought in a total of 135,379 votes, signifying that the event was a success.

The Miss Intercontinental 2014 Pageant will be held at Magdeburg, Germany on December 04, 2014.
Kris Tiffany Janson has been one of the crowd favorites due to her genuine charm and amiability.

Hopefully, she will bring home the bacon and be one among the world-renowned beauty titlist from the Philippines.



The results for the Ms Intercontinental 2014 Online Poll was abolished reportedly, because of a glitch in the system.


ms intercontinental poll voided
ms intercontinental poll voided, Image credit: Ms Janson

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