Miss International 2018 Top 15 Finalists, Top 5 Finalists Prediction

The Top 15 Finalists in the Miss International Beauty Pageant this 2018 is revealed and they are:

Miss International Top 15 Finalists

• Australia
• Colombia
• Ecuador
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Madagascar
• Mexico
• Paraguay
• Philippines
• Romania
• South Africa
• Spain
• Thailand
• Ukraine
• Venezuela

The Miss International winner will be crowned later after the Top 5 Finalists are chosen. Refresh the page to get more updates.

It’s evident that there are more Asian Countries that entered the next level this year, such as Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. Venezuela and Philippines are strong contenders.

Top 8 Finalists MISS INTERNATIONAL 2018

* Japan
*South Africa

Miss Philippines delivered her brilliant speech, to the delight of the audience.

“Kombawa, Miss International is a celebration of youth and empowerment. I’ve always believed that age is not a barrier to reach our dreams, or to have an impact on others.
At 15, I started to help programs in my community for street children. At 19, I graduated college. At 20, I realized that I can speak for good causes to a wider audience, that’s why I joined our national pageant.
If I become Miss International, I would continue to be a voice of the youth. In showing that nothing is impossible with hardwork and determination, and with these beautiful ladies with me tonight, a family of beauty queens, all beautiful, young dreamers and achievers. We will show the world that it is love, peace and beauty that we truly cared about. And together, we shall make a difference.”

– Ma. Ahtisa Manalo

The Top 5 predictions are:

• Philippines
• Venezuela
• Spain
• Romania
• Colombia

Let’s see if these predictions would come true.

Hh2>UPDATE- Winners of Miss International 2018

The prediction that Miss Philippines and Miss Venezuela would win came true.

Winners Miss International 2018

4th runner-up Colombia
3rd runner-up: Romania
2nd runner-up: South Africa
1st runner-up: Philippines


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