Michael Jackson, ‘Monsters University’ and President Obama Updates On the News

Michael Jackson, the greatest pop artist of all time, hit the news again as son, Prince, testified and old news of alleged happenings in his private life re-surfaced.

The memory of the exemplary singer should be respected and be left alone. He is no longer alive to defend himself from bashers.

Meanwhile, “Monsters University” tops the Box-Office pulling the brakes of movies like “World War Z”, “Man of Steel” and “Heat.”

Monsters University” reportedly raked in more than $46 million. Talk about monsters overtaking zombies and Superman. It is an extraordinary feat, and to think Monster is an animated-adventure movie. It has been rated 7.2 by moviegoers.

Monsters University poster, Image credit: Monster University

US President Obama, on the other hand, has visited African charismatic leader, Nelson Mandela, who was reported to be recuperating. While the NSA leaks are being “solved” by his administration, the president maintains a calm attitude, visiting institutions in Mandela’s country.

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