Matt Damon’s “The Martian” Tops Box Office for the Second Week

Matt Damon’s “The Martian” has topped the Box Office for the second week in a row. The sci-fi survival story of a man trapped in the planet mars has captured the audience’s rapt attention.


The Martian Matt Damon
The Martian Matt Damon


Matt Damon plays the role of Astronaut Mark Watney, who was presumed dead and was left behind in Mars by his crew.


The Martian


The film raked in over $35 million in Canada and the US alone. These figures will continue to soar with its international release.

Trailing behind “The Martian” are “Hotel Transylvania 2,” “Pan” and “The Intern.”

“The Martian” also stars Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean and Michael Pena, and is released by 20th Century Fox.

“Help is only 140 million miles away.”

Watch the official trailer of “The Martian”, courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

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