Marian Rivera in New Dance Show; Will she be as good as Vilma Santos and Maricel Soriano?

MANILA, Philippines – Primetime TV Queen, Marian Rivera, has a new Dance Show and fans are thrilled about it. The interesting question is: Will she be as good as Vilma Santos or Maricel Soriano?

Marian Rivera has demonstrated, time and again, that she can dance, and according to her, she has no limitations, so the Pinoy audience would expect even the sexiest dance to be performed by this gorgeous, sexy actress; she has been adjudged FHM’s sexiest woman for two years and she may also capture the title this year.


Marian Rivera dance show
Marian Rivera: Image credit: Marian’s Twitter account


Marian Rivera has both a ‘pangmasa’ and elite appeal because she has no qualms being around common Pinoys, or the socialites of the entertainment industry. She has also a wholesome personality in spite of being sexy. She would surely be at par with Vilma Ssntos and Maricel Soriano re: dancing prowess.

“Marian”, Rivera’s variety show will premiere on June 21, 2014, Saturday evening, at 7 pm.

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