Liam Neeson Narrates “Manny”, Pacquiao’s Documentary Film; Official Trailer Released

In the Official Trailer of Manny Pacquiao’s movie, “Manny”, “Taken’s 1 & 2″ star, Liam Neeson, narrates the boxing superstar’s documentary film.

The 35-year old Filipino pugilist – congressman is the only boxer who won in eight divisions. The film portrays his rise from an indigent boy, selling bread, to fame and fortune of being the world’s most exciting boxer; Manny Pacquiao has received countless awards, such as, “Best Fighter”, “Fighter of the Decade”, and “Best Pound for Pound Boxer.

Manny Pacquiao documentary film

Manny’s life serves as an inspiration to many of his countrymen in the Philippines because it shows that no dream is impossible coupled with diligence, determination and hard work.

He has been knocked out by Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, and many thought it was the end of his boxing career. In November, however, he won over the younger and bigger American boxer, Brandon Rios, proving he is still a force to reckon with.

The Pacman is now a changed man in terms of his faith; he has grown closer to his spirituality, and it always shows on how he reacts to taunts and jeers of people around him, especially Floyd Mayweather Jr., his longtime nemesis in the ring. When Floyd made fun of him via Twitter, Manny just smiled and said: “I’m flattered, Mayweather remembers me.”

The much-awaited fight between Mayweather vs Pacquiao may never happen, but with the way things are going, Manny Pacquiao already won without even releasing a single punch.

Now, he has “Manny” and the admiration of people around him for his nobility of character, and Mayweather has none.

Manny Pacquiao Documentary Film

Video credit: Manny Pacquiao Movie/YouTube

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