Leo Pain Wins The Voice Brasil; Watch his Powerful Performance

Leo Pain has won The Voice Brasil on September 27, 2018, and majority of the viewers are happy. A few fans may be disgruntled because their candidates didn’t win, saying that Leo won because of his blue eyes and fair skin. But this would be unfair to Leo Pain.

Leo Pain has an undoubtedly powerful voice that qualifies him as the champion of the 7th season of the singing competition.

His voice is a cross between Frank Sinatra and Matt Monroe, and is superb with slow or fast music.

Leo Pain Winner of The Voice Brasil

Well, one cannot please everybody for sure. But Leo Pain deserves his win. Runners-up are Erica Natuza, Isa Guerra, and Kevin Ndjana. Leo Pain’s coach was Michel Telo.

Watch Leo Pain in one of his powerful performances; Video courtesy of Leo Pain.

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