Legendary Journey Tours Live with Arnel Pineda to Sold Out Venues and Enthusiastic Fans

Legendary rock band Journey, with lead vocalist, Arnel Pineda, are presently halfway on its live tour across the US and Canada. The international Pinoy rocker has, indeed, filled in Steve Perry’s big shoes successfully with sold out venues and enthusiastic fans interacting jubilantly with the band.


Arnel Pineda and Journey in Houston
Arnel Pineda and Journey in Houston


Numerous Journey fans praised Arnel Pineda’s vocal range, stage presence and rapport with the audience. Sometimes, the audience sang with Arnel during the performance of the most popular Journey songs. He was nicknamed “Airnel” because of how he defies gravity and ‘flies’ up in the air during his performances.

Arnel Pineda’s documentary film “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” is up for the Independent Lens Audience Award for 2014. Fans can still visit the site and vote for this incredible documentary of Arnel’s rags to riches rock star story.

The Filipino frontman is still rocking audiences from all walks of life across the globe with guitarist Neal Schon, Pianist Jonathan Cain, Bass guitarist Ross Valory and drummer Deen Castronovo. Apparently, the band has a palpable chemistry that their fans enjoy.

Journey Live in Houston, May 23, 2014

Video credit: JabberwockyCPA /YouTube

Arnel Pineda and Journey Live in Saratoga, New York; June 14, 2014

Video credit: cyberpeasant/YouTube

Arnel’s local gigs are, understandably, on hold but he would surely be seen on Philippine local TV again once Journey has completed its Live Tour this 2014.

Journey’s live tour started on May 15, 2014 in Chula Vista and will end on September, 2014 in St. Paul, MN.

For a complete list of Journey’s Live Tour dates and venues, visit Arnel Pineda’s website. You can also follow him on Twitter @arnelpineda.

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