Kristen Stewart‘s Cheating on Robert Pattinson Has Opened Up a Can of Worms

Kristen Stewart ‘s cheating on Robert Pattinson has opened up a can of worms, which could ruin several relationships; that is – if the personalities involved could not forgive and forget.

Kristen Stewart
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The news was all over the Internet, and Twilight fans came to Kristen’s rescue saying the picture was photo-shopped.

Kristen Stewart’s admission of guilt and apology; however, has undoubtedly confirmed the unfortunate incident.

Reportedly, Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders, director of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” where Kristen plays the role of Snow White, had publicly apologized to their loved ones (Rupert, to his wife, Liberty Ross and his two kids, and Kristen Stewart, to her fans, and boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.)

Whether the apologies are accepted or not, remains uncertain, just like a sword of Damocles hanging over both Kristen’s and Rupert’s head.

For a “momentary indiscretion,” Kristen apparently lost the trust and loyalty of some fans, and presumably, of Robert Pattinson. Although she openly stated that she loves Rob, her short term affair is something that could not be easily forgotten by the entertainment world.

When infidelity occurs, almost always, people blame the woman because of the belief that nothing could have happened between two people, unless the woman has conceded. The exception is when the woman is raped, which is definitely not the case in this particular Kristen-Rupert incident, the pictures speak for themselves.

What would happen next to the Kristen- Rupert affair? Would fans forgive Kristen Stewart’s cheating on Robert Pattinson? And more importantly, could Liberty Ross and Robert Pattinson forgive Kristen and Rupert?

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