Kristen-Rupert Affair Fan Reaction: “How Could You Do This Kristen?” YouTube Video Going Viral (Video)

The Kristen- Rupert affair or fling had turned Twitter into a blazing world of fans’ reactions, most of them angry, some defensive. Fans went from the stage of loyalty, when the fans defended Kristen and proclaiming that the picture was photoshopped, to the stage of disbelief and shock when Kristen Stewart, herself, admitted to the infidelity, and then to the stage of

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One fan said: “How Could You Do This Kristen?” The YouTube video by nuttymadam3575 is going viral with 315,814 hits already.

Here are more fan reactions:

“Kristen Stewart, that was stupid.”

“Kristen Stewart cheated and then told everybody she cheated… who does that? It’s called cheating, because no one is supposed to find out.”

“When you see a wedding ring, back up. Kristen Stewart take note.”

Indeed, “How Could You Do This Kristen?”

Kristen Stewart issued a public apology stating that she loves Robert Pattinson, and that she was sorry but the damage has been done.

Reportedly, Robert Pattinson moved out of the apartment which she shared with Kristen Stewart without issuing any public statements. “How Could You Do This Kristen?”

Below is a YouTube video of a fan’s reaction, nuttymadam3575, “How Could You Do This Kristen?”

How Could You Do This Kristen Fan Reaction

Video credit nuttymadam3575/YouTube

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