Know Why ARMY Loves BTS So Much

Good looks? Naaah. But this is the first aspect that comes to mind when some so-called music experts make an ‘educated’ guess as to why millions of ARMYs love BTS so much.

Naysayers and antis tried hard to create animosity between ARMYs and BTS, but no matter how hard they tried – nothing worked to break the bond that connects both parties.

Now, I’m revealing a fact that not many people outside of the BTS fandom know – the crucial key why ARMYs love BTS so much, and what specific aspect they love about the legendary septet.

By the way, for the few media outlets who still write ‘Army’ it’s ARMY (yes, all in capital letters). It is an acronym for Adorable Representative MC for Youth.

Why Does ARMYs Love BTS So Much?

I conducted a poll on Twitter, and although it was only from a handful of ARMYs, I could say that the result can represent what most of ARMYs feel. Thanks to all ARMYs who participated in the poll. Borahae!



The poll shows that good looks is the least aspect that the fandom loves about them. The primary reason why ARMYs love BTS so much is because of the comforting and positive messages and lyrics that come with their songs.

The second reason why ARMYs love BTS is because of their personalities, third is their perfect dancing and singing, and last is their good looks. So, for those who are still claiming that ARMYs stan them because of their good looks, that’s not quite true. But of course, their good looks is the icing on the cake.

In fact, many ARMYs stan them for all of the reasons mentioned above: their inspiring messages and lyrics, their personalities, their singing and dancing and their good looks. They have all what fans needed from a boy band.

The significant influence of BTS and their music are now prompting many artists to follow their model, as they try to incorporate in their music meaningful messages. Still, their songs fell short of becoming popular worldwide.

It’s because BTS started sending healing music to fans way back when they were still rookies. It is an organic growth; just like how they appeared as presenters at the Grammys the first year, and then as performers in the second year, and then as nominated artists in the third year.

BTS at the MMA 2020

And I’m optimistic they would win the award this year.

Why No One Can Ever Replace BTS

Their songs and album are intertwined with each other’s story, like a continuous, smooth-flowing river where anyone can take a refreshing dip in.

You cannot just insert one or two ‘healing songs’ into a meaningless discography and hope people would love it, just like they do BTS songs.

No, sir.

The growth starts from a good seed that gradually grows into a verdant, robust tree that bears good fruit.

That’s why BTS’ fans, remain loyal and true because the music tree is firmly ensconced on fertile ground spurred by the 7 boys’ ingenuity. This is also the reason that there will never be another BTS.

No one does it like they do.



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