Kirby Asunto, to Sing Opposite Jessica Sanchez in the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight in Las Vegas on June 9

Kirby Asunto
Image Credit: Kirby Asunto Facebook page

Kirby Asunto will sing opposite American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez in the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 9, reports revealed.

Kirby, 14, is also of Filipino descent, just like Jessica; the difference is that Kirby could speak “Tagalog,” the Filipino dialect.

In the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight, Kirby will sing “Lupang Hinirang,” the national anthem of the Philippines, while Jessica Sanchez will sing “The Star Spangled Banner,” the American national anthem.

Kirby Asunto has won local and national contests such as, the “Child Access Broadway,” and was one of the Final 3 in the “New York Knick Sports Talent Jam.” She was also the grand champion for the Philippine Fiesta Idol in New Jersey.

Kirby tweeted her excitement of singing opposite the now popular Jessica Sanchez. Jessica had also started singing when she was still a child. Kirby went trending in the Philippines at Twitter when Filipinos learned about this rare opportunity that has been granted her; to be on stage with two big Filipino names – Manny Pacquiao and Jessica Sanchez.

Should Kirby Asunto decide to audition for the American Idol Season 12 Show, she would most probably make it big like Jessica Sanchez.

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