Justin and Niall Tweet Each Other, Justin and Niall Trending at Twitter

Justin and Niall go trending at Twitter as the two singers tweeted each other, Twitter reports say, July 17, 2012. Pop singer, Justin Bieber and Niall Horan, one of the members of the One Direction band, reportedly talked to each other via Twitter, and fans went agog.

Fan tweets followed afterwards, making “Justin and Niall” trend at Twitter. Fans have these to say:

“I love Justin and Niall.”

“Justin and Niall are perfect.”

A fan of One Direction aptly tweeted:

“Justin and Niall are clearly good friends. It’s just the fans still fighting. KEEP CALM AND LOVE THE BIEBS AND NIALLER.”

With the massive response of fans, Justin and Niall would trend at Twitter for several hours, for sure.

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