“Jurassic World 2” Trends on Twitter as Released Date of Movie Was Confirmed

“Jurassic World 2” trended on Twitter as the released date of the movie was confirmed to be on June 22, 2018.


Jurassic World 2


Movie fans trooped to the social networking site to express their delight. Here are some reactions.

“Can’t wait for Jurassic World 2.”

“Jurassic world 2, my life is complete.”

“Jurassic World 2 is coming out June 22, 2018. I’m so ready for this movie. I’m already counting down the days.”

“So excited for Jurassic World 2 even though it’s 3 years away.”

Reportedly, Chris Pratt will return with an entirely new adventure. What could be the film title of “Jurassic World 2”?

Check back for more updates.

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