Jungkook of BTS Breaks Records Anew; Watch Jungkook’s Growth in this New “Euphoria” video

As of August 2019, Google Global has identified BTS’ Jungkook as the most searched K-pop idol in 2019. The Golden Maknae is also recognized by Billboard as the longest-charting male idol on Billboard’s World Digital chart. JK’s song, Euphoria, also landed on the top five Most Streamed Kpop solo songs of all time at #4.

BTS Jungkook

Euphoria features JK’s beautiful vocal range and has been one of the favorite songs of ARMY all over the world. It’s also a soundtrack tune for the season finale show of “Euphoria”, an HBO show that features Zendaya.

“Euphoria” made a re-entry at #20 on Billboard World Digital Song sales. It has set a new record as the band’s longest charting solo song at 22 weeks. The song is well-loved in South Korea too, as it ranked among the top songs of the year.

Meanwhile BTS breaks record again as the only non-English artists that has three albums at the Billboard 200 charts: “BTS World Soundtrack” – #52; “Love Yourself: Answer” – #112; and “Map of the Soul: Persona” – #118. Also, BTS is still ranked at the Top 5 Artists 100 at #4.

Jungkook’s popularity keeps on increasing in leaps and bounds as new fans get captivated by his angelic voice and smashing choreography. He can sing, dance and rap. He’s a total performer all rolled into one.

His visuals are stunning too having won international contests, such as “The 100 Most Handsome Asia Faces 2018” by TC Candler, placing 2nd and surpassed only by Wu Jing the Chinese actor, director, and martial artist. This means he’s the most handsome man in Korea.

Jeon Jungkook is also the only Asian included in the Top 10 Most Handsome Men in the World at #9. The selection was conducted by Gazette Review, an American media outlet in 2018. According to Gazette, the candidates were chosen based on an extensive review of their success, class, looks and smarts.

Recently, a video was created for Jungkook and his song “Euphoria” that features the growth of the youngest member of BTS from being a “fetus” until adulthood. Watch the YouTube video below, courtesy of Bangtan TV.

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  1. Very blog post. I’m a huge Kpop Fan. I was long-time ARMY Fan since 2013.
    I listen to most of Kpop Melody, and Bangtan Boys and BlackPink are the particular 2 kpop group that I liked the


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