Jessica Sanchez’s iTunes Sales: Increased Sales Would Show Producers that They Should Sign Her Up; Show Your Support by Buying

Jessica Sanchez
Image Credit: Americanidol

The sale of Jessica Sanchez’s iTunes seemed not as “big” as some expected it to be. The amount of sales is an indication to record producers whether signing up Jessica Sanchez is a good investment or not. It would demonstrate if Jessica got what it takes to be the next bankable singing star.

Phillip Phillips’ Home is #1 at iTunes and this may be because he won the recent American Idol Competition. The fact is established that Phillip can sell his songs.

Jessica’s iTunes performance; however, does not coincide with her worldwide popularity. This means her fans are not buying her songs. There are several reasons, which may include the reality that some of Jessica’s fans are not aware of the significance of buying her iTunes.

ITunes sales are now used as a yardstick if a singer would sell future records or not. Fans should be aware that buying Jessica’s iTunes would show support for their Idol; that the amount of iTunes sales is one indication of a singer’s bankability in terms of investment. This is what record dealers and producers look at, before signing up a singer. If you are a fan and you want Jessica Sanchez to obtain a great recording contract, then, buy her iTunes to support her bid.

In social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, outpouring of love for Jessica abounds, with her topping these sites in terms of followers and likes. If all of these fans would buy her iTunes, then this would be tangible proof that she could sell singles and albums.

So if you declare that you are an avid fan, then buy Jessica’s iTunes to show you truly support her to become the next bankable singing superstar.

You can buy Jessica’s iTunes from the American Idol site.

4 thoughts on “Jessica Sanchez’s iTunes Sales: Increased Sales Would Show Producers that They Should Sign Her Up; Show Your Support by Buying”

  1. Many of Jessica’s fans have been unable to buy her songs off iTunes. Her album won’t work and her songs, “the item you tried to buy is no longer available”. I was able to successfully buy and download Colton Dixon, John Legend and Beyonce songs, so it seems there is only a problem with Jessica’s songs.

  2. There is NEVER a problem in buying itunes for Jessica’s albums and songs if you are in the US.

    Use a different computer because that could be YOUR computer error, not itunes. Itunes DO NOT care who is the artist that sells. All they care is that THEY sell regardless of who the artist is.

    The US producers look at US itunes sales only, not anywhere else.

    If you are NOT in the US, then you will get that error message.

    It seems that a lot of Jessica’s fans who are getting that message are not in the US. You will need to buy an itunes gift card online and then go to US itunes to purchase. Otherwise, it will not work.

  3. I am in the US and continue to have problems buying Jessica’s songs off iTunes. When I click to buy her album, it just takes me to the comment screen, where I read other fans of Jessica’s are also unable to buy her songs. When I try to buy Jessica’s songs individually, “the item you tried to buy is no longer available”.

  4. A lot of Jessica’s fans are dismayed over American Idol that they would rather just wait for Jessica’s official album outside American Idol since she has no contract with them.


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