Jessica Sanchez’s Album ‘Me, You & the Music’ out on April 30; Exclusive Fan Pre-Order Bundle Available

Jessica Sanchez’s album ‘Me, You & the Music’ out on April 30; awesome Exclusive Fan Pre-Order Bundle is available as of April 2013.

According to the special announcement, the Exclusive Fan Pre-Order Bundle includes:

11 tracks with exclusive digital booklet

-Additional digital song “More Than Just Friends”
– Collectible inspirational metal bracelet by Jessica
– Instant download of Jessica’s new song “Tonight ft. Ne-Yo”
– Limited Quantity will include a signed album by Jessica!
*Valid in US only


Ne-Yo and Jessica Sanchez perform “Tonight” on American Idol 2013

Tonight” was performed by Jessica Sanchez on the American Idol stage, where she was proclaimed the runner-up last year. The song features Ne-Yo and is included in the album ‘Me, You & the Music.’

Jessica Sanchez also disclosed that:

“April 30 is so close, BluJays! I’m sure you know what day that is…it’s the day my debut album, ‘Me, You & The Music’, comes out and I couldn’t be more excited for you all to hear it! It’s so special to me, so I want to bring it to you guys in a special way. Instead of purchasing just the album by itself, you can now pre-order it in this really cool limited edition bundle for only $15. Check it out – your CD might even be signed by me!”

So, if you still have not pre-ordered the album, do so now, for a greater chance to have your CD autographed.

Jessica Sanchez has a tremendous global following, and hopefully this support would be converted into sales for her album because she is one talented artist.

For those fans that have no capability of online purchases using the dollar currency, hopefully they would be able to buy the CD of Jessica Sanchez’s ‘Me, You & the Music’ from their local music stores.

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