Jessica Sanchez Updates: Manila Valentine Concert Pushing through, Mega Magazine Cover Feature

MANILA, PhilippinesJessica Sanchez’s concert in Manila on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013 is nearing and fans of the American Idol runner up are thrilled to have her back in Manila.

Meanwhile, Mega Magazine has featured Jessica on its cover. Jessica Sanchez attached the picture of Mega Magazine’s cover of her with the tweet:

“So blessed to be on the cover of Mega Magazine :)”

Jessica Sanchez: Image credit: Mega Magazine

Her fans were happy for her, expressing their admiration for the sexy and stunning picture that Mega captured. Mega Magazine is the Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine, and being featured on its cover is a great honor. Fans can watch the scenes behind Mega Magazine’s shooting of Jessica Sanchez’s cover photo.

For fans that have not still purchased their tickets for Jessica Sanchez’s Valentine’s Day Concert, they can visit Ticketnet to buy tickets online. Ticket prices range from P795 to P10,560.

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