Jessica Sanchez Twitter Followers Almost a Million, #FollowJessicaSanchez Trends on Twitter

Jessica Sanchez, as @JessicaESanchez, has almost a million followers on Twitter, 998,679, to date, February 18, 2013, as #FollowJessicaSanchez trends on Twitter.

Jessica has just completed her successful solo concert in Manila, Philippines with more than 10,000 people in attendance. Performing with her was American idol 7th placer, Colton Dixon, Ariel Sprague and Blair Perkins (American Idol previous contestants).

Jessica Sanchez poses with a hat given by a fan in Manila, Image credit: Jessica Sanchez/Twitter

Her Blujays fans were thrilled to meet her and many of them have given her simple mementos that the superstar singer would surely treasure forever.

Jessica would be returning again for other commitments as she is bound to release her new album. In interviews with local Philippines’ media, she revealed that 2013 would be her year.

Meanwhile Jessica sang “I Will Always Love You” for Billboard as a tribute to the death anniversary of Whitney Houston.

With Jessica Sanchez’s TV guesting on Glee in the works, it is apparent that 2013 is indeed her year.

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